Best Tennis Strings That You Must Have

Playing tennis is not only healthy and beneficial for the body, but it is also a means to pass the time. However, it can cause frustration if your tennis racquet is not working as much as you wanted it too. There are varying reasons why it’s not working to your satisfaction. For one, it could be that the tennis strings are not durable and lack quality. That being said, if you are searching the market for the best tennis strings, here are some of the things that you should know.

tennis racquet strings

Things to Consider


There are so many products to choose from, but it is imperative that you select the products that offer durability, resilience and most of all comfort. As far as tennis strings go, power, balance, comfort, and control are the essential factors that must be integrated on the sports gear.


Best Tennis Strings Brand

Babolat VS Touch


The Babolat VS Touch is known to have the best natural gut tennis strings in the market today. It was first made in 1875 and the first tennis string was made from the sheep’s gut. Tennis players will enjoy the enormous comfort, feel and power of the gear. Moreover, the strings have been upgraded for enhanced durability, resistance, and even moisture.

Multifilament – Wilson NXT


This product might seem unfamiliar for some tennis players, but this product promotes unparalleled features. It is created with thousands of tiny microfibers which are then woven together to form a single tennis string. It has the same features and qualities as the natural gut. One great thing about this product is playability and outstanding comfort. If you previously suffered from an arm injury, the Multifilament – Wilson NXT is the best product to opt for.

Polyester (Poly) – Luxilon ALU Power


This product is known as one of the best polyester tennis strings available in the market today. One of the greatest players, Rafael Nadal has used this product resulting in massive cuts and expectations that are redefined. The players prefer the polyester strings because of the strong power, spin, and unmatched durability. However, one major drawback of this product is the comfort.


Synthetic Gut – Prince Synthetic Gut


This product provides players with access to quality and durability. The value is not high but it boasts of having a natural gut, multifilament and polyester strings. The strings are branded as an economical string with great performance and extra comfort.


Comfort – Prince Premier Touch


If you are a tennis player, common injuries would often times occur and one of the known injuries is the tennis elbow. It can cause pain for most tennis players. This is one of the reasons why Prince Premier Touch was developed. The gear offers supreme comfort. It is designed to ward off vibrations to lessen discomfort and pain.


Playing tennis is a great sport and with the best tennis strings on board, nothing could go wrong. Choosing the best product is essential to keep on playing the sport that you loved. Consider durability, value, power, balance, control, and comfort before buying the tennis strings.